Surgical And General Ward Instruments

Shakti Orthopaedic Industries has been engaged in the wholesale and trade of items like 2406B Recharge Modem, API Based recharge modem, Multi recharge system, etc. 

Orthopaedic Implants

Orthopaedic Kits

Bone Cutter SetGet Quotation

Bone Cutter Set

Bone Nibbler SetGet Quotation

Bone Nibbler Set

Basic Surgical Instruments

Backhaus Towel ClampGet Quotation

Backhaus Towel Clamp

Dissecting KnivesGet Quotation

Dissecting Knives

Scalpel HandleGet Quotation

Scalpel Handle

Disc PunchGet Quotation

Disc Punch

Doyen Mouth GagGet Quotation

Doyen Mouth Gag

General Surgery Instruments

Rib SpreaderGet Quotation

Rib Spreader

Anascopes/ProtoscopesGet Quotation


Bronchus ForcepGet Quotation

Bronchus Forcep

Gynaecology Instruments

Vaginal SpeculaGet Quotation

Vaginal Specula

Umbilical CordsGet Quotation

Umbilical Cords

Elevating SpoonGet Quotation

Elevating Spoon

Surgical Forceps

Tennaculum ForcepsGet Quotation

Tennaculum Forceps

Intestinal ForcepsGet Quotation

Intestinal Forceps

Kidney Stone ForcepsGet Quotation

Kidney Stone Forceps


Medical Textile

Angiography DrapeGet Quotation

Angiography Drape

Arthroscopy DrapeGet Quotation

Arthroscopy Drape

Baby DrapeGet Quotation

Baby Drape

Orthopaedic Surgery Kits

Needle Holder



Prostatic RetractorsGet Quotation

Prostatic Retractors

Balfour RetractorGet Quotation

Balfour Retractor

Hollow Wares

Graduated MeasuresGet Quotation

Graduated Measures

SS Hospital JarGet Quotation

SS Hospital Jar

Round BowlsGet Quotation

Round Bowls

Wash Solution BowlsGet Quotation

Wash Solution Bowls

Medical Disposables

BiopaperGet Quotation


Subdermal ElectrodesGet Quotation

Subdermal Electrodes

Cardiovascular Instruments

Cooley ClampGet Quotation

Cooley Clamp

Debakey Bulldog ClampGet Quotation

Debakey Bulldog Clamp

Derra ClampsGet Quotation

Derra Clamps

Giertz Rib ShearGet Quotation

Giertz Rib Shear

Neurology Instruments

OT Lights